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A Warrior's Journey

Part I

My name is Mharyna Meeglyasci. My mother’s name is Mercya and we are descendents from a long ancestry of brave and strong women with names starting with the letter M. My family owns a land in a far region of the country called Buteanteas, meaning The world inhabited by snakes, and life has been undisturbed characterized by a alienated dogmatic dream, as my male companion would say.

Yet, the past few months, the tedious day to day was suspended and mistaken decisions made have had a huge impact in every laborer in these south lands. Not pious ealdormen in the kingdom revengefully took away some of long established rights so many warriors had accomplished in battle. Our arm rings were all lost, hopelessly. Treachery in the nightfall. The swamps were all taken by darkness and desilusion.

The morning light reached my tired eyes and duty woke me up. I saw myself abandoned by my lover Pauelis Walnut who had long left for hunting down the enemies of his Lord Lineasis Roger to whom he was attached by an oath but tempted to abandon him to his own luck. I  cowardly walked out of the bed and left the furs trapped all over my baby beasts’ bodies. I dragged my legs to the latrine in front of the bedroom and unleashed in there the remains of the night before. Ale, mead, loafs of bread and slices of despair, astonishment and desperation.

The car was set in front of the old market and I accommodated my laziness in it while people struggled to pass through its door in search of a seat to take blessed minutes of rest. The day was warm enough to make me feel unwelcomed to the world and awake the disturbance of the inflicted sickness that took my inwards. Slowly, the car moved towards the monastery where my pupils waited for my assistance and my desires were left behind safeguarded by my dearest animals, at least, I wished so.

The distance was decreased by the marvelous landscapes visible through the windows and the fatigue gently set my body almost free. Crossing the river, the magnanimous building in which my day would be consumed set itself and the glimpse of some priests carrying their books had marked the horizon. I couldn’t help but wonder if those priests were aware of how screwed we all suddenly became and if by ignoring this fact their faith would present a believable way out.

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I really love you! It is sooo good!